Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Portrait Photography

Well this has been a busy week. My nephew Trevor, is getting up there in age :) Well, really his Aunt Tina is getting up there in age. He will soon be 18 and possibly off to the Marines ( after he passes his tests ) so I wanted to get some pictures of him first. At first I told him this was his Senior pictures and he said " Aunt Tina, I'm not a senior, I quit school ." well, I told him these could be his GED pictures since he is going that direction. Highschool is not easy for a 17 year old that is tired of school and doesn't get along to good with the teachers. BUT - I bet he will get along with the officers in the Marines, or at least he will by the time boot camp is over.Me with my camera and him with his 10 gallon hat. We set out on Saturday morning to Fort Madison to shoot.By noon we had over 100 pictures. WOW, was he done taking pictures. I will not post them all here, if you want to you can see them on my Flickr page. By the way- he is not a big smiler so these are very natural. We are going to get back together and take a few more with smiles since his mom wants to see that grin he has :) Here are a few of them. Some of them have been edited - but mainly these are straight from the camera. Now of course he had to have one funny one- can you figure out which one it is ?